Interactive Virtual Architecture (iva)

The conventional modes of architectural visualization (Arch Viz) such as rendered images and walkthroughs (3D animation) are perhaps the most popular way to present and market an architectural project. These methods as essential and useful as they are have certain limitations. Images and Walkthroughs (3D animation) are extremely limiting when it comes to interacting with the design, for example in an image you are restricted to only one camera angle and in a walkthrough you are bound to one camera path, if a client desires the freedom to walk around and look in any direction he chooses he has to look beyond these presentation methods, moreover there is no freedom to interact / alter the design in real-time. If the client wants to visualize an external wall with different stone tiles he has to ask the graphic studio to render it for him and in case of walkthrough this might not even be possible without paying huge cost for rendering the whole animation all over again. With Interactive Virtual Architecture (IVA) the client has the freedom to walk around any part of the project, he can use input devices such as Keyboard and mice or gamepads or touchscreens to move around.

In Interactive Virtual Architecture (IVA) solution you can interact with the project, you can change the textures and colors of the walls, floors, carpet, drapery etc., you can visualize the interiors with or without furniture or different sets of furniture, you can alter the lighting conditions. Interactive Virtual Architecture (IVA) solution is a collection of presentations within one presentation. You can use the Virtual Architecture solution to distribute in DVD, you can host it on your website for download or even better you can host it on your website and the user can stream it in realtime.

Virtual Architecture (Real Time Visualization) solution can also be optimized for handheld devices such as Iphone or Ipad, Android based smart phones such as Galaxy 3 or Samsung Note and Tab. After the release of movie Avatar there is a mass hysteria towards 3D (stereoscopic). As of now the 3D animations (stereoscopic) for Architectural projects are an expensive solution but with Virtual Architecture it takes no extra time and almost negligible amount of money to view the presentation in 3D (stereoscopic).

More advance Virtual Architecture solution can be built to run on Touch Screen tables for exhibition and public spaces display.